Sony PlayStation

Business Goals

To increase the quality and value of the PlayStation system.

Business Strategy

Through data analysis, PlayStation discovered a positive correlation between the user’s activity and the user’s social sphere.

Problem Space

PlayStation 4 facilitated the already existing relationship of the user, but did not optimally foster new connections and communities.


Interaction Designer


60% male and 40% female audience between the ages of young teens to late 30s. Self-identified gamers, media consumers, and platform loyalists.

Research Methods

Usability tests, card-sorting exercises, stakeholder interviews, and prototyping.

Research material is the property of the UX team at Sony.

Research Results

“Don’t talk about following, talk about games.” The interface should not promote a feature itself but the idea of growing a user’s passion and community around a game.

Another user insight was that 58% of users in testing reacted positively when a social suggestion was made with a piece of media.


Create a social system for gamers to dialogue, share content, and find community. Use analytics and user’s game information to create smart systems for practice, improvement, and goal settings UX. Expand usage of following feature.

Solution Results

9x increase of following activity on month of launch verses previous months.



PlayStation 4 Prototype



UX & UI Design