Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Membership Program


Service Design for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

We worked with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in analyzing their current services, identifying problems and opportunities, and proposing a new service model to support a long-term development of the symphony orchestra. We worked in a five people team. We introduced the concept of memberships as the keystone to the service system we propose. This video tells a story about the PSO Membership experience.



Team: Emily Abell, Scott Chiu, Xinran Lu, Shiba Sheikh, Daniel Lee

Role: Design Research & Graphic Designer: Assisting the team in design research and handling the design of presentation assets. Such as infographics. 


Research to a desired goal

Infographics show the current situation of the Pittsburgh Symphony's Subscription Model

Desired goal to a solution


Current Value Flow to New Value Flow for PSO member


Better touch points and branding

Digital interfaces, personalized post cards, updated branding and better distribution of information