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Thank you for taking the time to view my work. Below is a timeline of my experience and selected projects from over the years. I have enjoyed working on a variety of products and services for a range of organizations. If you would like to work together, please feel free to reach out.



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Illuminate Health

Visual and UX

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Jan 2019


Givelify Platform

From donor to organization—designing the end to end user experience and visual design.

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The Chinese search engine Baidu developed a number of products for the American market. Led creative direction for content within their Facemoji application.

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Jan 2018


PlayStation 4

Worked on the social and gaming division of Sony PlayStation. Through data and research, an opportunity space was identified around increasing users’ social network within the PlayStation platform and gaming-specific recommendations.


July 2016

Yahoo Help

Worked on redesigning the Yahoo Help page to help users self-resolve common issues and reduce cost on support need. Identified pain points in the information architecture and usability of the website. Led user research into user’s mental models and prototype validation.


Yahoo Forums

The combination of a high volume of users needing support and solutions for their Yahoo products in conjunction with a reduction in Yahoo's customer service agent workforce prompted the Yahoo Customer Experience Team to create a solution to help users self-resolve their issues. 


Dec 2015


Victorious Social Network for Content Creators

Worked on improving the UX of the social media network Victorious. Victorious had relations to maintain and support private social media networks for top content creators such as Jenn Im, Ryan Higa, Lilly Singh, and dozens more.


Aug 2014

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Disney Imagicademy

Worked on the UX of the Imagicademy educational learning platform. Worked with educators, artists, project managers, and game designers to develop intuitive userflows and interactions for preliterate children.

Marvel Origins by Disney Consumer Products

Took existing interactive book stories from Marvel Origins series and designed a dashboard for unlocking and accessing stories.


Pixar Cars Application

Story boarded a pitch to the higher management of Disney & Pixar for the Car’s game experience.