Givelify Integrations Software


Integrations Software

Givelify inc

Goal - Design a seamless program to transfer financial data from Givelify technology to various people and financial management systems.

Audience - Chief financial officers, finance volunteers for non-profits, treasurers

Role Principal Designer: Conduction user interviews, updating interface visual designs, and designing the software product from end to end.


Design Solution

Creating a linear user flow to properly instruct the user through technical steps. Allow the user to navigate between steps without restrictions for edge cases and power users. User behavior and interviews reveal a week or biweekly user behavior. Format data in time frames based on recency to align with user behavior.




Primary Experience Moments

Sequential End to End Data Batching

User research revealed users require batched donations on a weekly or biweekly basis. The user requires that batched data to be exactly from the last export to the moment they hit export. So instead of requiring the user to input this data, we created automatic batching and designed a calendar UI to communicate the seamless experience.

Dynamic Instructive Text

When the user comes to the software, the copy is dynamic and educates the user on the current donation batching progress. The copy also directs the user to take actions for their benefits. The user my dismiss the advice and proceed if they desire. The copy instructs and guides but does not limit the user.


Designed Screens and States