Content Management System


Business Goal

Victorious aims to provide full control to a digital star's content, distribution and monetization. The CMS of Victorious allows a customer to build, design, and manage their own personal application. They can also build their branding and digital assets. These digitally born creators can also monitor analytics regarding views, downloads, activity and more. 


Style guide

Created by Carly Chiao, Alice McCarthy and Myself


Information Architecture

The content management systems is a desktop web application that allows stars and their agents to manage their content, app, brand, and more. The version 1 of the CMS was originally designed by an outside contractor, but soon needed an update due to a growing number of features. In a session with our business team, I led a brainstorming session to prioritize top-level importance features, mid-level importance features, and low-level importance features. The red represents highly recognized important features. Orange represents the mid-level. Finally, yellow represents the low-level importance features. 


A UI designs

Here are a collection of various finally rendered interfaces designs.