All work shown are real products for real companies and clients. These designs have improved real team and business goals.



A community of Yahoo users helping each with problems, tips, fantasy sports best practices and more.




User research into current Help.Yahoo pitfalls and priorities for redesign. Redesigns will be shown and added to case study once launched into production.


Victorious Inc

Main App

Victorious is a mobile platform that powers and unites the world’s most creative communities. Victorious transforms media channels into premium, interactive mobile hubs and provides creators with their own ecosystem to distribute content, deepen their communities, and capture more commerce. Fueled by a world class team of engineers, designers, product and creative leaders.

Venture-backed by Kleiner Perkins, Redpoint Ventures, Canaan, Marker, WME, UTA, BDMI and other prominent investors, and is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.



More redesigns and work done for Yahoo soon to come.


day5 Productions

A creative collaboration for creating interactive stories.


"Your initiation into Brookhaven College Preparatory Academy's most elite society is marred by the murder on one of your fellow pledges. Now, you must decide who to trust in order to unmask the killer before he takes another victim.


Content management system for digital stars

Upload videos, images, polls, text, and more. Statistics on fan engagement. Scheduling of content. Maintaining personal app. 

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Braddock 2050

Design research into the county of Braddock's possible economic, social, and cultural opportunities. Interviews, documentation, and studies were used to create informed insights into this historical neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 



Accomplishing a successful product required me to collaborate with many stakeholders. The game designers and curriculum writers had big visions for how this product would engage children and teach them new skills. The engineers had exciting engineering innovations they wanted to include. The artists and animators created exciting and whimsical artwork that reflected the playfulness of Disney. The producers had laid out the goals for the team to accomplish their tasks. Yet, there was not a clear connection between all the work of the stakeholders. By using a UX process of iterating over wireframes and user flows and then receiving feedback from the game designers and producers, I was able to create solutions for connecting all the stakeholder's goals. 


Online Content Player

An online never ending content player which surfaced content made by online stars, such as Ryan Higa, and their fans.

Online never ending content looper for a variety of content types

Online never ending content looper for a variety of content types



An endless, multi-directional scroll video app of remixed content.

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Marvel Origins

A fun and engaging dashboard experience that utilized UI animations creatively. An especially exciting experience when a child buys a new book, the heroes' page updates from a simple visual style to a fully fleshed out page for the creator to reveal information about the superhero and new artwork. Along with animations and visual styles, the child is accompanied by an animation of Stan Lee. 


Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

We worked with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in analyzing their current services, identifying problems and opportunities, and proposing a new service model to support a long-term development of the symphony orchestra. We worked in a five people team. We introduced the concept of memberships as a keystone to the system we proposed. This video tells a story about the PSO membership experience. 


HCI Proto Lab: Crowdboard

Co-design efforts attempt to account for many diverse view-points. However, design teams lack support for meaningful real-time interaction with a large community of potential stakeholders. We present Crowdboard, a novel whiteboard system that enables many potential stakeholders to provide real-time input during early-stage design activities, such as concept mapping. Local design teams develop ideas on a standard whiteboard, which is augmented with annotations and comments from online participants. The system makes it possible for design teams to solicit real-time opinions and ideas from a community of people intrinsically motivated to shape the product/ service. To evaluate the system, we staged a design session with a local three-person team and eight remote crowd participants. The study demonstrates how a crowd can shape a design discussion as it unfolds and raises a number of challenges for how to better facilitate crowd and designer interactions.


Pixar Cars app

Storyboarding game experience


Client: Digital Infuzion